The Dominus Companies see’s land as opportunity.

The Dominus Companies investment structures are flexible and varied including:

  • Fee Simple Acquisitions
  • Land Options
  • Note Purchases (both performing and non-performing)
  • Direct Lending Programs

Investment types include urban infill, strategically located suburban land (investment ahead of growth), and re-use/redevelopment opportunities. The Dominus Companies also invests in land where value can be enhanced through entitlements/incentives or development completion. In several situations we have acquired distressed asset sales on partially completed subdivisions and finished lots.

In addition to commercial and residential land, The Dominus Companies also has acquired Agricultural Land. We are looking for additional acquisitions of land tracts suitable to grow a wide variety of crops and with ample water access throughout California.

About Us

The Dominus Companies is a fully integrated real estate investment firm that uniquely combines “hands on” operations management and investment fund management.

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Investment Criteria

The Dominus Companies invests across multiple property verticals to take advantage of opportunities in the real estate markets today and as they evolve in the future.