The Dominus Companies makes strategic acquisitions in multi-family/residential opportunities throughout California.

With extensive experience in the acquisition, reposition and management of multi-family properties, The Dominus Companies will deliver a product of unquestionable quality to provide comfortable living spaces for our tenants and sound investments for our clients.

For Residential investments, The Dominus Companies has been fortunate to acquire several distressed subdivisions that were partially completed. We’ve gained extensive knowledge in the completion of semi-finished housing developments. We continue to seek opportunities to purchase tracts of partially built housing, including large inventories of finished or final mapped lots.


About Us

The Dominus Companies is a fully integrated real estate investment firm that uniquely combines “hands on” operations management and investment fund management.

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Investment Criteria

The Dominus Companies invests across multiple property verticals to take advantage of opportunities in the real estate markets today and as they evolve in the future.